The Bodrum Royal Palace (ex. The Bodrum By Paramount Hotel) are preparing the best for you. Opening at 01 July 2020 👑 For reservation with free cancellation advantage up to 48 hours


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You wish some fairytales would never end but last forever… You would stroll like kings and queens in a tale. When that magic atmosphere starts to appease your soul with all its charm, you would forget what is real and what is fairytales. Reality would meld in legend. And now, your reality has just become your fairest story.

Just as the one you enjoy at the Bodrum Royal Palace… Here, we turn a pompous tale to reality with all its grandeur for you. We are inspired by the starts in the sky, old fairytales and mystical fantasies and open for you these glamourous gates that know no bounds in service. Book your place to experience this grandiose atmosphere. Live in your own palace, Crown Your Soul…