We have designed everything with your comfort and pleasure in mind. Take this time to discover yourself and what “joy” means to you.
Lujo Bodrum, with its minimal architectural style, natural colors and spectacular Aegean view, blends comfort and luxury with such delicate balance and an artistic rigor to give you more pleasure than a masterpiece can offer.

Prepare yourself for a journey into a lush world full of art & joy! Joy is what resides at the center of our philosophy at Lujo with the firm belief in its transforming power to let people to be overcome by the magic of their heart’s delight.


Offering a private living space, CITRUS VILLA has been designed with great emphasis on privacy.
Offering a private living space, Citrus Villa has been designed with great emphasis on privacy not only in the pool and terrace but also ensuring that villa and the area around it cannot be seen from any other rooms.

With this in mind, we made it our goal to create more and more joyful moments for our guests hence take a step in making the world a better place and change it. For us, every joyful moment comprises flawless art with the way it appeals to our minds, hearts and souls. Art and Joy, both profoundly heart felt qualities, are the main pillars of our concept at Lujo Hotel to create a totally unique environment

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Special Offers For Bookings (exept villas)

Book till 31.12.2020 and pay 50% till 12.01.2021 — get early booking discount 20%

Book from 01.01.2021 till 31.01.2021 and pay 50% till 12.02.2021 — get early booking discount 15%

Book from 01.02.2021 till 28.02.2021 and pay 50% till 12.03.2021 — get early booking discount 10%

Book from 01.03.2021 till 31.03.2021 and pay 50% till 9.04.2021 — get early booking discount 5%


  • Sea view
  • 250 m2
  • Balcony with Jacuzzi and sunbeds
  • Heated private pool
  • Private sunbathing area


  • 2 Floors
  • 3 bedrooms
  • 1 bedroom with king size bed
  • 2 bedrooms with twin beds
  • Kitchenette
  • Fireplace
  • Underfloor heating
  • Dining Table
  • 1 living room


  • Access to VIP Lounge at Bodrum/Milas Airport
  • CIP & Fast Track
  • VIP airport roundtrip transfer
  • Butler & Buggy
  • Private Cabana
  • Premium beverage set up
Gourmet choices, prepared by our master chefs are served in nine differently themed a la carte restaurants, all designed to create a unique and artful atmosphere. Choose from our exquisite menus or share your special dining wishes with us and allow our chefs to take you on a journey full of joy for your palate.
9 Lujo 22092020

Serving classic and regional Italian cuisine with a rich menu of homemade pastas, risottos, seafood and meat dishes.
Have you ever heard of Mt.Etna? The active Italian volcano on the island of Sicily? Well, be prepared to taste it. Our gourmet İtalian restaurant uses a special wood fire oven made the lava flows of Mount Etna. Picky any pizza and it will be prepared in this authentic oven. You will be served gourmet İtalian dishes with tastes, scents and aromas taking you to İtalian dream.

Taking utmost care to use organic products and supply from local farmers, our main restaurant brings you the very best dishes from the Turkish cuisine as well as selections from around the world. Our experienced team of chefs, among which there is a Russian chef especially for the Russian cuisine, will prepare local and international delights using organic supplies from local farmers. You will have a chance to try new tastes, or stick to old favorites.

At Lujo, putting your joy first, we offer you the best of Asian cuisine as you prefer: Robata Grill and the Sushi Bar.
Ancient Japan is calling you… Our Asian cuisine would not be complete if we had not included this cooking art to our menu. Robatayaki, often shortened to just Robata, is a method of cooking food on skewers slowly over hot coal. This delicious and flavorful cooking method is said to have originated from ancient fishermen in Japan who took boxes of hot coals with them on their boats to heat their food.
Although there are many cooking methods in Japanese cuisine, the most famous one usually doesn’t require any cooking at all. If you are also a sushi enthusiast, don’t forget to check our Sushi Bar! Our delicious sushi, nigiri, sashimi varieties will “maki” your meal extra special.

Especially if you have never tasted Turkish cuisine before, you must try our rich culinary culture through the delicious recipes of our chefs. Turkish culture has carried its rich recipes from generation, only adding to them in taste and richness. You will enjoy the savoury dishes especially prepared for you by our master chefs.
Bringing together the two sides of the Aegean, Our seafood restaurant Alarga fuses special Aegean and Cretan herbs known for their healing powers with great finesse… A thoughfully prepared meal has always had healing powers, one might say. But when it uses herbs and recipes connecting the two sides of the Aegean Sea, dating back centuries, it’s even more special. You will enjoy Turkish and Greek mezes prepared with finesse, using the famous extra virgin olive oil of Bodrum…

Our exceptional meats reminiscent of a marble like texture are left to age in boned form under special conditions in Himalayan salt rooms.
You have porbably heard about our love of meat prio to your visit – but we will surpise you even if so. Aged under special conditions in Himalayan salt rooms, our steaks are waiting for your orders to be custom – prepared to your taste.

*Cover: €30 pax

While they serve international dishes during the day, come night time the Quinoa turns into a Mexican restaurant. While they serve international dishes during the day, come night time the Quinoa turns into a Mexican restaurant. The most delicious breakfast, lunch and dinner choices… the poolside lounging you have been dreaming about the whole winter gets a new flavor with Quinoa. No need to worry about diets here – you have earned every sip and bite with all that swimming!
The delicious and nutritious Mediterranean Cuisine . The selection of vegetables, the lightness of olive oil and the colors of the Mediterranean all come together to make this cuisine unique. Offering a combination of meat and fish dishes, Opa! offers you the chance to taste the rich culture of the Mediterranean at both the main dishes and the tapas. We expect all of you for a light dinner in a fun atmosphere.

You may savor dishes from the world cuisine in a private atmosphere among greenery, enjoying the amazing Guvercinlik bay view.
This is an exclusive area for our Lujo Edition guests who enjoy even more privacy. The atmosphere of Secret Restaurant & Bar will delight you as well as the dishes prepared by our skilled culinary team.

Feel free to enjoy this secret area or the main Lujo services – whichever will bring you more joy.

* There is €50/pp cover charge for Secret Restaurant and its complimentary for our Lujo Edition guests.

Exclusive to adults, Indigo has been designed to be the favorite party scene of Bodrum. With live DJ performances, exquisite cocktails and the newly added Indigo Clubber Rooms, it has already made a name for itself in the peninsula.

Lujo Lounge & Bar

Fly-Inn Bar -Have you ever enjoyed your drink while you are relaxing in the pool? Select hard liquors, house wine, beer, cocktails and soft drinks will be served while you are seated by our in-pool bar.

Indigo Beach Club Bar – Every trip to the beach is a party with the food served here – mini burgers, sandwiches, snacks and finger food choices are available along with alcoholic and non-alcoholic beverages.

Pier Lotus – . Select hard liquors, house wine, beer, soft drinks and cocktails will be available for our guests at the pier and the cabanas.

Pablo Picasso Bar –If your choice is cigar and premium hard liquors, Pablo Esco Bar is the place for you.

Escape Bar – .You may listen to the sound of the waves while sipping your drink at the Escape Bar.

Sports Bar 

Aqua Bar 

Vitamin Bar 

Chocolate & Coffee – You will take your first sips of vacation at our bar at lobby or relax at the lounge downstairs as we check you in to our hotel.

What gives you joy? Maybe it’s time you discover it… At Lujo, our aim is to make sure you have the best experiences possible. That is why we offer various fun and/or educational workshops, live performances, games, animations and parties. You will have the time of your life and discover a little bit more about yourself with every activity you attend.


We have designed everything with your comfort and pleasure in mind. Take this time to discover yourself and what “joy” means to you. Here at Lujo we believe vacation should be approached as an “art” as well. For example, there are no buffets at our restaurants. Every order you give will be prepared instantly by our chefs. You will only need to pick your venue among our enchanting restaurants. Make your decision and we will prepare it for you. From festal beach parties to peaceful Sensum SPA, from yoga sessions in the nature to water sports on the sea, from local excursions to helicopter tours to the islands… we will make your wishes come true in Lujo. For a completely custom vacation, where you will utterly and completely bask in joy and art, you are at the right place. We have custom alternatives for families, kids and teens, honeymooners, fun-lovers, peace-seekers… all within the same lush world of art & joy. Browse our website or give us a call right now for details. Your Lujo adventure will begin the moment you step out of your plane! Our team will greet you on the jetway or the stairs, take your bags and guide you through the airport whether you arrive at the domestic or the international terminal. The CIP Fast Track service enables us to help you with your procedures and you can begin focusing on your joyful experience right away. When you are ready our VIP transfer vehicle will be waiting for you and in only 15 minutes, you will arrive at Lujo. Beach Whatever you expect from a beach, we offer it right here. A white-sand beach to play with your kids? Check. The perfect Guvercinlik sea to wash your stress away? Check. Snacks and drinks to enjoy all day long? Check. How will you spend your beach day? Sea Water Pool -The best of both worlds. Would you rather relax in a heatable salt water pool by the sea? We thought you might… Joy Bar -No summer vacation would not be complete without an amazing sea, a magnificent beach, and a drink of your choice whenever you need one. Our Joy Bar will be serving refreshing drinks all day long to make sure you enjoy every second of your beach experience.


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